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Dirty old men with younger girls

How often do you spot a hot younger girl, thinking there's zero chance you'd ever hook up with her? Even if you had the marbles to head over there and strike up conversation, she'd be hanging with a bunch of girlfriends and you know how that tends to play out. They'd stare at you blankly and burst out laughing, probably scarring you for life in the process. Even if you manage to talk to her alone, there's no way she'd be interested in an old man like yourself, right?

Wrong. Seniors are more popular than you'd think. Girls prefer substance over looks and as long as it feels right, they don't care about bellies or age gap. Coeds don't always like the slackers they meet in class and secretaries don't all fall for the overactive posers hitting on them at the office. So they spend their time teasing their teachers and seducing their bosses… They want a guy to give a girl the kind of attention she really needs. A confident older man who knows how to charm a lady to the point where she's so excited she'll jump him right there and then. What happens next is where we come in. Old Young Porn proves every day old guys can still hold their own! If you're tired of the same old porn and like the idea of mixing it up with some young porn, oldyoungporn.com just became your new home.

Age gaps everywhere

If you look close enough, you can spot old/young couples all around. Professors are dating their students and gynecologists get seduced by frisky teens. It's a win-win situation. They end up getting what they want and I'm sure you'll agree the old grandpa won't be complaining either.

Most girls don't care for the usual mating rituals, fueled as they are by male competition and macho shenanigans. Still, to see an ordinary grandpa have sex with a teen like that… We quickly assume he couldn't compete with the younger crowd, but it turns out qualities like charisma and confidence are far more appealing than looks or youth. Impress a girl with engaging conversation and a subtle display of charm — and the bumbling efforts of your adversaries will do the rest. Positions that come with a good deal of authority — such as CEO's, army officers or doctors — will do the trick as well. Which is hardly a surprise if you realize that type of crowd is often very assertive and cultivated. Add some status and money and we have a winner!

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A controversial taboo

But is it ok? Anytime folks spot an age gap couple, they assume foul play. It has to be some horny guy playing to a teen's fragile emotions — and probably cheating on his wife too. It's a controversial debate that's been going on for ages and even though there are signs of improvement, it's still taboo in the more conservative countries and tends to trigger a protective reflex. But who are we to say who she can fuck? As long as she's 18, we should be careful about passing judgment. Most old/young couples don't involve some pervert manipulating a poor girl into submission. In many cases it's even the girl who's playing him for cash and perks.

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Premium sites

Old/young pictures and movies are hard to come by and great premium sites are rare. The ones you see above represent the cream of the crop. These girls are practically begging for oldtimers to have sex with them! Who needs those old porn tapes or grainy tube clips when you can watch fresh teens humping these old men every day?

Old man and young girl

Older guys see their bodies go and their waistlines expand. It's not a pleasant process. Watching yourself grow all gray and wrinkly doesn't exactly do wonders for a man's self-esteem. Seniority might come with its perks and privileges, but senior citizenship hardly has the same ring to it. Nature doesn't help either. It takes all eternity to ejaculate while you used to get there in 3 seconds.

But wait! Don't girls tend to sneer at those jumpy types who shoot their loads in 3 seconds? Yep. It's a common mistake to think you're out of the teen market by the time you're 40. Plenty of young girls are genuinely into older men. Confident, cultivated men. Gentlemen with a lot of charisma and character. Real men.

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All you need is old age

Much of those traits tend to come with age, which is why society generally links seniors with wisdom and status. Old age used to be a tough commodity to obtain after all. That means any old man can pick up a younger girl if he plays his cards right. Hell, evolution itself made sure the very qualities we attribute to old age are irresistible to women! Even a grandpa or an old bum can get away with it, though they need to look the part.

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Senior advantage

Don't get me wrong now. If you look like an old bum or a hobo, your chances at scoring some teen pussy are slim at best. Like I said right off the bat, girls prefer substance over looks. While that definitely holds true, you have to keep in mind perception is important. You still need to look the part, though not in the traditional, old sense. Try the young old sense.

People see an old man and they expect to see the composed and gentle stereotype. They look up to seniors and will treat them with respect. Younger girls are drawn to old guys — not just because of their qualities, but because of the way society glorifies old age. That's why age gaps can quickly become an afterthought if you just let it. This much is sure: Old and young porn makes for some of the hottest sex you'll ever see and an age gap relationship can be the most fulfilling experience of a lifetime.

Old young relationships

A lot of those European cuties, for example, are so open-minded they just go for it and sit on any old cock they can find! They really are less inhibited and it's quite common to see old men in open relationships with younger girls. People are much less likely to raise an eyebrow. They see it for what it is — a relationship between two people. Tall, short, white, black, old and young, none of it should matter. In fact, opposites attract. Unlikely relationships often make for wild and kinky sex!

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